Kat Got Your Tongue

This is a story told in two voices – but by the same person. After Kat is involved in a terrible car accident, she wakes up with no idea who she is, and no memory of anything before the crash. Everyone around her is a stranger. She doesn’t even recognise her mum, much less her friends from school – Poppy, Jade, and the mysterious Tina. Kat tries to cope with her amnesia, but there are so many mysteries about her life before the accident – and many of them are unsettling and worrying. It’s not until she finds Kathy’s diary that she understands the terrible secretive things that were going on in her previous life. Told in two voices, this incredible novel explores the damage amnesia can do to a family and friends, and how one girl reconciles her new personality to her old.

Book Information
ISBN: 978-0552551977
Extent: 208 pages
Dimensions: 13 x 1.3 x 19.8 cm
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