Do you have a particular writing routine?

I try to write a certain number of words each day. I’m pretty disciplined about this, but even so, some days are more successful than others!

What is it with you and big, epic worlds?

I don’t know; it’s just the way my mind works! I love writing about major, history-changing events, with all the heightened emotions and drama they bring. Plus destroying the world. Destroying the world is always fun.

What’s your favourite book that you’ve written?

I love all of them in different ways – although whenever I’ve just finished a book, that’s always the one I’m most in love with! I get very intensely involved with my imaginary worlds. They seem more real than this one sometimes.

What’s your favourite book that you didn’t write?

There are too many to count! But some of my childhood favourite authors were Judy Blume, Lloyd Alexander and Tove Jansson.

Do you do a lot of research when you write?

I do! I often write about things I don’t know much about – flying airplanes, fixing cars, astrology – so research is essential. Even though my stories are fiction, I want them to feel as real as possible.

Did you always want to be a writer?

Always. One of my earliest memories is writing and illustrating a story when I was around five or six. I was determined to get it published. (Alas, to have one’s hopes crushed at such a young age..!)

What kind of accent is that?

If you’re asking this from the US, it’s because you think I sound English. If you’re asking this from the UK, it’s because you think I sound American. Well, you’re both kind of right: I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas, but I’ve lived in the UK for over 20 years. My accent is very… unique now!

What does the ‘A’ in “L. A. Weatherly” stand for?


No, actually it’s Ann. But wouldn’t Arabesque be cool?

Will you come do a signing/talk/event where I live?

Maybe! My publishers are usually the ones who organise my events. Tell your local school or bookstore to get in touch with Stevie Hopwood at Usborne (details on my Contact page), and it could happen.

Will you read my story and give me feedback?

I’m sorry, but for legal reasons I can’t look at unpublished work. However, I’ve written a book on how to write which you might find helpful. You can find it here.